Know How To Remove A Page Break In Word 2019. Follow Our [Step By Step Guide] Updated Feb-2020

how to remove a page break in word

On the off chance that you need to organize your documents so they print and look the manner in which you need them to, you need page breaks. The page breaks tool in Microsoft Word gives you power over where one page closes and the following one starts. Here’s the way to include page breaks, select from the numerous sorts of page breaks you can include, and furthermore how to evacuate them.

You can evacuate page breaks you’ve included and furthermore modify where Word’s programmed page breaks show up.

To evacuate a manual page break:

1. Click on the Show/Hide image, which shows up as a passage mark (¶) on the Home tab. This will show covered up non-printing characters, for example, spaces and page breaks.

2. Double-click the break you want to remove

3. Hit Delete.

In spite of the fact that you can’t expel programmed page breaks, you can alter where they land and in this manner keep explicit sections or lines together.

  1. Highlight the paragraphs or lines you want to keep together.
  2. Under the Layout tab, open the paragraph settings by clicking on the expanded options icon.
  3. Under the Line and Page Breaks tab, select one or more of these options:
  • Window/Orphan control: Makes sure at least two lines of a paragraph are at the top or bottom of a page.
  • Keep with next: Makes sure no breaks happen between your selected paragraphs.
  • Keep lines together: Prevents a page break in the middle of a paragraph.
  • Page break before: Adds a page break before your selected paragraph.

These choices assist you with bettering control your record’s arranging and stream.

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