Know How To Edit Legend In Excel 2019. Follow Our [Step By Step Guide] Updated Mar-2020

how to edit legend in excel 2019

The way to understanding outlines is by using legends. Legends are consequently made each time we make a diagram or plot our information.

In the diagram over, the legend is situated in the top focal point of the chart, indicating a bulleted list with content “An” and “B Sales”.

At the point when we experience an Excel graph without a legend, we can undoubtedly include a legend through these means:

Add legend to an Excel graph

Stage 1. Snap anyplace on the diagram

Stage 2. Snap the Layout tab, at that point Legend

Stage 3. From the Legend drop-down menu, select the position we incline toward for the legend

Model: Select Show Legend at Right

The legend will then appear on the right side of the graph.

The legend in an outline can be altered by changing the name, or redoing its position and organization.

How to change legend name?

There are two different ways to change the legend name:

Change arrangement name in Select Data

Change legend name

Change Series Name in Select Data

Stage 1. Right-click anyplace on the graph and snap Select Data

Step 2.  Select the series Brand A and click Edit

The Edit Series dialog box will pop-up. 

Step 3.  Delete the current entry “=Sheet1!$C$2” in series name and enter “A” into the text box.

The legend name is immediately changed to “A”.  

Change legend name

Stage 1. To begin with, we should decide the cell that contains the legend name for our outline by tapping the graph. As demonstrated as follows, the section graph for Brand B is connected to cells D2:D7.

Step 2.  Since D2 contains the legend name, we select D2 and type the new legend name “B Sales”. 

As shown above, the legend name on the chart is instantly updated from “Brand B” to “B Sales”.  

How to edit legend in Excel?

Legends can be customized by changing the layout, position or format.  

How to change legend position?

It is extremely simple to change the legend position in Excel. Basically click the outline, at that point click the Layout tab. Under Legend, pick the favored situation starting from the drop menu.


Select Show Legend at Top from the drop-down menu.  As shown below, the legend is transferred to the top of the chart. 

How to edit legend format in Excel?

In order to change the format, right-click the legend and select Format Legend.

The Format Legend exchange box will show up. There are a few alternatives where we can change the legend position, fill, outskirt shading, fringe styles, and other designing choices.


We want to fill the legend box with Aqua, Accent 5, Lighter 60%.  

We click Fill, then tick Solid Fill

Choose the color we prefer and click OK.  The fill color will automatically be updated to the chosen color.  

We can add more formatting changes.  The below chart shows the legend format with a 5% pattern fill and an orange border color.  

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